Magic Valley Credit Repair - FAQs - Twin Falls, ID
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                  QUESTIONS                                                       ANSWERS
 1.    Is it expensive to hire a credit repair service? I've been              told that it can cost $1000 or more, for each person.
 2.  Can't I repair my credit myself?  I've
       researched and it seems pretty simple.

 3.   I've heard that by "opting out", or telling
       the credit bureaus that I do not want   
       them to send me any type of
       solicitations, that helps my credit   
       score. Is this true?

 4.   How long does negative credit stay on
        your credit report?

5.   What is the best way to rebuild your
      credit after a bankruptcy or a divorce?
 1.    It certainly can be! At Magic Valley Credit Repair it is                our mission to provide excellent service and superior                  results for less money than other companies. 
 2.   Yes, you can attempt to repair your
        own. But like any professional service,
        we are experts in our field and can help
        you from making costly mistakes.
 3.   No, this does not help your score.
       The credit bureaus sell your information to potential                 creditors that meet their criteria. This is called a "soft hit"         and has no bearing on your credit score.

4.   Most negative items can only legally   
       remain on your report for 7 years. 
       However, if a debt is resold to a new
       collection company, it is possible to see
       items stay on the report longer.
5.    Rebuilding credit can be a complicated
       matter.  The best advice is to consult a
       professional service, such as MVCR,
       and to start the building process as
       soon as possible.